The Office of University Counsel

The Office of University Counsel (OUC) provides legal consultation and representation for George Mason University. The University is an educational institution and agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, organized as a public corporate body pursuant to § 23.1-1500 of the Code of Virginia. Lawyers in the OUC are appointed by the Attorney General of Virginia to represent the University.

The OUC is available to all officers and employees acting on behalf of George Mason University. The OUC provides legal advice and counsel on the broad spectrum of legal issues that arise in the operation of the University. The OUC is also responsible for engaging the services of outside law firms, through the Attorney General’s office, for specialized legal needs, and for coordinating and supervising their work.

The Office of University Counsel cannot provide legal consultation or representation to individuals on any matters outside the scope of their employment by George Mason University.


This web site and accompanying materials have been prepared by the GMU University Counsel staff for informational purposes only, and may not be construed as "Legal Advice" from the Office of University Counsel

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